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The sandwich panel production line, a kind of roll forming machine, uses advanced techniques, integrating gas, electricity and machinery; this roller former is special equipment for processing colored steel sandwich panel. The speed of our sandwich panel production line can be adjusted by frequency converter, and it can process one sandwich panel at a time. The sandwich panel production line consists of a decoiler, molding core, and compound part, which can finish knocking the groove, implant glue, heating, compound, rolling, grooving, finishing, and air-powered, automatic cutting. This roller former is essential for producing roll formed roof tiles and wall panels for factories and warehouses.

The F series sandwich panel production line produces sandwich panels with new building material which are beautiful in appearance, lightweight and feature stability and solidity. The use of roll formed sandwich panels for building various large scale projects like supermarkets, workshops, and warehouses makes the work fast and convenient. They can also be used to construct refrigerator panels, clearing rooms, etc.

The F series sandwich panel production line was developed by our company through several years of experience. From simple function F-2 to multifunction F-8, we can apply various options or adapt special panel product-functions to suit the needs of our customers.

The F series sandwich panel production line can produce H Plates, Tongue and Groove Panel Plates with Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) or Rock Wool, as well as Cap Joint Panels, Screw Panels, Seam Panel Corrugations and joint-hidden panel plates combined with Y-2 roll forming machine.

1. Using PLC combined with a touch screen, our sandwich panel production line is very convenient and reliable to use and can automatically fix length to cut and count.
2. This line can produce various wall panels, i.e., tongue, groove, and various joint refrigerator panels.
3. The roll forming machine can be used to produce EPS or rock wool and glass wool panel.
4. Corrugated panel and joint-hidden panel plate with various options can be produced by our sandwich panel production line.
5. We can design our sandwich panel production line with special function to meet any special requirements our customers.

Technical Parameters
Dimension (mm): 36000×2400×2700
Weight (ton): 16
Total Power (kw): 32
Production Rate (m/min): 0-4.5
Plate Material: Color steel or stainless plate
Material Thickness (mm): 0.3-0.6
Core Material: EPS, rock wool, polyurethane
Core Thickness (mm): 48-298

As a China sandwich panel production line manufacturer, We provides a comprehensive range of roll forming machines, including sandwich panel production lines, tile forming machines, corrugated sheet forming machines, and more. Our company has received the ISO9001 certificate and our products have been CE certified. We are located in Botou City; about 200 kilometers away from Beijing, the capital of China. Our location provides us with easy access to convenient sea, land and air transportation, resulting in reduced shipping fees for our customers.
For more detailed information, please continue browsing our website or contact us directly. We look forward to working with you.

Founded in 1996, we are a China-based roll forming machine manufacturer and supplier. Through the constant efforts of our dedicated staff, we offer customers a great variety of roll forming machines and metal sheet forming machines, i.e., floor decking forming machines, roller shutter door forming machines, sandwich panel production lines, and others. Our location in Botou City gives us easy access to convenient air, land and sea transportation. This keeps our costs down, and reduces transportation costs for our customers.
If you have a need for any of our products, please feel free to contact us at Haide Company. We look forward to working with you.

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