Double Layer Forming Machine

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Double Layer Forming Machine

If factory space is challenging your company´s growth, our double layer forming machine offers you a great opportunity to get the best out of your premises. Our double layer roll forming machine enables you to manufacture two different profiles on one roll former. Shifting from one profile to the other is very simple. The sheet entry table and stacker are hydraulically ascending and descending. Both can be operated manually either by conveniently positioned buttons or from the control panel.

Machine Components of Our Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

Guiding Table 1 set
Manual Decoiler 1 set
Main Forming Machine 1 set
PLC Control System 1 set
Hydraulic Cutting Station 1 set
Output Table 1 set

Technical Parameters of Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

Item Description
Material Width 1000mm-1250mm
Material Thickness 0.3mm-0.8mm
Material PPGI GI
Yield Stress 235Mpa
Material of Roller 45# steel plant hard chromium 0.05mm
Diameter of Shaft 70-80mm
Voltage AC380v/50hz or per customer's requirement
Motor Power 5.5kw
Hydraulic Power 4kw
Stand 11-18
Control System Mitsubishi PLC frequency conversion
Hydraulic Cutting Material Cr12 heat treatment
Speed 8-12m/min
Decoiler 5 tons manual or hydraulic

Flow Chart
Decoiling the sheet---Guiding the sheet---Roll forming---Measuring the length---Cutting the sheet---on the output table

Machine Placement and Operator
The double layer roll forming machine should be placed on an even cement floor and lifted by a lifting device with a lifting capacity not less than five tons. It requires space for storing materials and laying the machine and room to operate the machine. In addition, each of our roll formers requires one operator and one porter. The temperature in the workspace should be no less than -14℃.

As a China-based double layer forming machine manufacturer, we also produce roof panel forming machines, roller shutter door forming machines, bending machines, etc. for your various needs. Additionally, we an offer design, customized service, related installation, and training. Our products are exported to many countries, including Chile, Bolivia, Thailand, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Cameroon, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkmenistan.
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