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Downspout or gutter forming machine is a kind of special metal sheet roll forming machine used to produce rainspouts or waterspouts, which can carry water away from the roof gutter of various buildings. It is easy to maintain and repair, and quick to install. Our downspout or gutter roll forming machine is composed of a pipe curving machine, a hydraulic decoiler with breaking device, a roll former with tooling, a hydraulic cut-off machine, a run out table, an automatic stacking device and more.

1. This downspout roll former can use colored steel as raw material to make downspouts. The end product color can be chosen by customers, according to your wall surface.
2. With high self-locking and no leaking, the whole effect of roll formed downspout is stronger.
3. The downspout rolling forming machine or gutter forming machine can produce various folding products to fit different wall surfaces.

Main Technical Parameters of Downspout and Gutter Roll Forming Machine

Item Description
Material Width 550mm
Effective Width 170mm
Material Thickness 0.4mm-0.6mm
Material PPGI GI
Yield Stress 235Mpa
Material of Roller 45# steel plant hard chromium 0.05mm
Diameter of Shaft 80mm
Voltage AC380v/50hz or per customer's requirement
Motor Power 5.5kw
Hydraulic Power 4kw
Stand 16
Control System Mitsubishi PLC frequency conversion
Hydraulic Cutting Material Cr12 heat treatment
Decoiler 5tons manual or hydraulic

We is a major manufacturer and supplier of downspout forming machines and gutter forming machines based in China. In addition to metal sheet forming machines, we manufacture wall panel forming machines, tile forming machines, curved roofing sheet roll forming machines, etc. Our products are popular with customers from many countries and regions, including Chile, Bolivia, Thailand, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Cameroon, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkmenistan. We are confident you will like our products.

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