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    1. 120 Curved Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine1. We use high frequency quenched CR12 steel to produce the cutting element of our curved roofing sheet roll forming machine, making it strong and durable.
      2. The bending leaf has a thickness of 10mm. It has a smooth surface and effectively avoids scrape.
      3. The roller of the curved roofing sheet roll forming machine is made of national standard chrome plated 45# steel. It is durable and has a wide structure.
    1. 240 Curved Roofing Sheet Roll Forming MachineThis roll forming machine can be used to produce curved roofing sheets with varied sizes.
      Material of Roller: 45# steel plant hard chromium 0.05mm
      Voltage: AC380v/50hz or per customer's requirement
      Hydraulic Cutting Material: Cr12 heat treatment
      Decoiler: 10 tons manual or hydraulic

We is a major manufacturer and supplier of curved roofing sheet roll forming machines based in China. We also offer roll forming machines, arch forming machines, metal forming machines, etc.
If you have a need for any one of our roll formers, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you.

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