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    1. Floor Decking Forming Machine The metal deck produced by this machine has high strength with big wavelength. Used on high buildings, it not only saves steel mold plate, but reduces the weight of storey. With the same bearing capacity, it economizes steel and minimizes investment accordingly.
    1. Concealed Roof Panel Forming Machine1. The product of our concealed roof panel forming machine has solved many problems existing in general roof panels, such as leakage.
      2. Unlike traditional bolt connection, it uses 45 degrees occluding installation ...
    1. Purlin Forming MachineC/Z shape purlins, made by our purlin forming machine, have excellent anti-bending property and are easy to install. They are widely used as the supporter for roofs and walls in large-scale and mid scale construction, i.e., factories, warehouses, garages, exhibition centers ...
    1. Roller Shutter Door Forming MachineAs a kind of metal rolling forming equipment, our roller shutter door forming machine is composed of a feeding leading machine, a main forming machine, a cutting device, a hydraulic station, and a computer control box. It can be matched with an over lock machine.
    1. Downspout / Gutter Forming MachineOur downspout / gutter forming machine is composed of a pipe curving machine, a hydraulic decoiler with breaking device, a roll former with tooling, a hydraulic cut-off machine, a run out table, an automatic stacking device and more.
    1. Highway Guardrail Forming MachineThe machine uses profiled bar structure, which was whole processed after weld. With its concise and reasonable structure, our highway guardrail forming machine offers good carrying capacity and works safely and reliably.
    1. 120 Curved Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine1. We use high frequency quenched CR12 steel to produce the cutting element of our curved roofing sheet roll forming machine, making it strong and durable.
      2. The bending leaf has a thickness of 10mm. It has a smooth surface and effectively avoids scrape.
    1. 240 Curved Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine1. The bending leaf has a thickness of 10mm. It has a smooth surface and effectively avoids scrape.
      2. The roller of the curved roofing sheet roll forming machine is made of national standard chrome plated 45# steel. It is durable and has a wide structure.
    1. DecoilerMaterial coil inner: 480-510mm
      Dimension: 2.3*1.1*1.5m
      Max coil width: 1300mm
    1. Bending MachineMax bending thickness: 1mm
      Dimension (l*w*h): 4.5*1*2.2m
      Weight: 1000kg
    1. Shearing MachineMax cutting length: 4m
      Max cutting material thickness: No more than1mm
      Dimension (l*w*h): 4.5*1*1m
    1. StackerStorage table: Storing products can move between the left and right by gear motor
      Motor power: 2.2KW
      Electric control system: Feeding and blanking material automatically
    1. Arch Forming MachineThe Auto Crimp Curving Machine is used to curve the profile panel the required radius through cramps on the surface. This is accomplished through auto control. The curving radius, length and cramp-distance are adjustable through setting on the screen and PLC control.